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So far I have done video commercials, catalogue photography and fashion shows.I would recommend MIM to anyone who has a calling for modelling. He pulled me into the stairwell and instead of apologizing, shocked me by saying that he wanted to fuck me and knew that I wanted to fuck him as well.

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I approached him during the orientation and we hit it off.

As we settled down into a new life, we were constantly on the phone to each other to try and figure out the best way to do thing, just trying to get the water turned back on in one's new apartment can be quite an adventure in India.

I wasn't going to allow him to do that, eating pussy was only for porn movies, not for real people in the real people. He pushed my hands aside and started kissing my moist lips. I had often masturbated but it felt different with the warmth of his mouth on my lips.

As he started to flick my clit with his tongue, I was ready to come. What was wrong with me, I had just realized that he hadn't yet fucked me and I was already thinking that this would happen again. He pulled out a condom from his side drawer and as he rolled into onto his 7 inch tool, I was worried about the pain. He slipped in easily enough and whispered that he knew I was wetter than any other woman he had been with and although he guessed that I would have a tight pussy, he knew I'd take him easily.

We both knew a long distance relationship would be hard but agreed that we wanted to give it a try.

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