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“I think it’s exciting any time two young quarterbacks like us face off,” Wentz said. The Los Angeles Rams brain trust received a call from an NFL executive going through their week-by-week opponents. Goff and Wentz share a relationship forged during their predraft workouts and will be linked throughout their careers.

It prepared us both well for the draft.” Their rookie seasons weren’t exactly comparable.

Wentz started from day one and had early success before growing inconsistent as the season progressed; Goff didn’t become a starter until November and failed to win a game. Because the Eagles and Rams have had six common opponents, they have had plenty of chances to watch each other on film.

They’ve put their name in the conversation with established quarterbacks in the conference.

Whether it’s Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Matt Ryan, or Cam Newton, the NFC has its share of quarterbacks who have brought their teams to the Super Bowl and could do so again this year. “Over time, you start to have this new wave of players in the league, and I think you are seeing that,” Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins said. You’re starting to see new talent, new identities arise – Carson being at the forefront of that, Goff being right there with them. Especially with all the injuries you’ve had this year and all these star players, you have this whole new wave of talent that everybody’s paying attention to.

One week later, the Eagles traded with the Cleveland Browns for the No. But at the end of the day, I wouldn’t trade for the world where I ended up.” Wentz and Goff met when Wentz flew to Irvine, Calif.

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