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Regardless of when they served, all interred in these cemeteries sacrificed the comforts of home and absented themselves from the warmth and affection of loved ones.Since 1776, more than 1.5 million Americans have lost their lives while in uniform.

The implication was that if the voters didn’t like it they could vote it out again.

Since Socialism does not permit private ownership of property, it cannot be ‘democratic’ in the sense of allowing a choice of political Parties.

Concerned with the United States’ place in the world, Mahan wrote to influence both policymakers and common Americans.

They are fed by thousands and thousands of worshipers with holy food, as if the icons were living.

They did it to manufacture a false reality: to protect the reputation of another form of Socialism which existed in the West….so-called ‘Democratic Socialism’, socialism by stealth, socialism achieved through the ‘permeation’ of existing political institutions by members of organisation such as the Fabian Society, in order to influence the policies adopted by those institutions towards socialism.“Democratic Socialism itself was based on a lie: that Socialism could be implemented peacefully through the ballot box.

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