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Instead, I live nostalgically through my single friends and of late, there have been a few horror stories about the types of guys on offer in Hamilton.

I convinced my 20-something single friends to let me tag along on a night out to see if the statistics proved true - is there are shortage of single men? Stuff's Singletown series has revealed there are only about 77 single men for every 100 single women across the whole of Hamilton City.

“The Table for six staff got to know me and my quirky sense of humour, they do a good job of matching the personalities at the dinner table.

The whole process is personalised but not patronising, it doesn’t feel like a business transaction.

Thanks Table for six, I have not laughed so much in years! I’ve done the bars and clubs, but it wasn’t really me.

I didn’t know where to look to find other single people to socialise with – until I discovered table for six. ” “I work for a huge corporation and am surrounded by people at work.

I am disappointed but the girls are happy."Don't worry, this was a good night out, at least we don't have sleazy guys groping us like what you get during the weekends," says Farrar.

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