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In , John Gray talks about how guys are like rubber bands. You are too good to get hung up on a boy who doesn’t like you.

Don’t go all gloom and doom the minute he takes a step back. Cultivate a reputation for being a woman who doesn’t waste precious time on fools.

It revealed an industry that is South African cosplay is growing rapidly, with local cosplayers constantly refining their craftsmanship and skill levels – putting top local players on par with international cosplayers.

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Whether you’re planning on moving the payload in Overwatch, raging at your team mates in DOTA 2, or fragging your way to victory in a heated game of Call of Duty, the NAG LAN is an unforgettable experience, and each year the tickets sell out in minutes.

r Age is South Africa’s biggest annual video gaming, computer, technology and geek culture exhibition.

Your job is to be your best, most confident self to attract the guy who might be. The only thing you’ll get out of that is a booty call.

Stop trying so hard to get the guys all hot and bothered. Eat junk food, get wasted with the girls, whatever.

Now in its 15th year, the NAG LAN is Southern Africa’s largest BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer/Console) LAN event.

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