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If you are using the grids in server mode, then there is no way to update all pages of the grids at once, because, in this situation, the control loads information by small portions, according to the current page.In any case, the following approach should work:1) Give the Client Instance Names to both grids.2) In the server-side Page_Load event handler create a JSProperties for both grids and set it to false: Hi Kate, thanks for the reply.I have some more information that maybe will help you solve my problem. Update seems to work if the updated value is visibile on the page, while the grid seem uneffected if the value is not visible. Actually it changed nothing even thought the purpose was the same.

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Gridview update not updating reenactors dating service

Changing page after updating doesn't update the values.

I think that what doesn't work as intended is the grid refresh/rebind.

issueid=Q278175) My guess is that client side and callback event can only affect what is currently visible.

So like the the other issue I posted (in which content are not updated when in a invisible tab) in gridview records that are on other pages other that the current one are not updated/refreshed.

All the examples I saw until now, are very good for this problem but none of them showed paging and headerfilter so I couldn't even check if the issue is only mine or not.

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