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We are on a quiet road, just around the corner from the nursing home that Joanna found through her research.

Phone calls have preceded our visit to Pembrokeshire, and staff at the nursing home are aware that I am a journalist, accompanying Claire on a search to find Amy Palmer.

Joanna discovered that, though Seb, Harry and Harvey left no tangible traces on the internet, Philip really did exist.

There was a Welsh newspaper article about him and his devotion to his local football club. Digging on the internet, someone else found a suspicious account on the picture-storage site Photobucket.

They'd all got used to late-night drunken calls in which songs were sung down the phone, mostly football chants, though Rachel got hymns. Ali was sent money to shop for clothes and booked into a hotel at Seb's expense. I even said to him: The photographs Joanna had been sent were different again this man had sideburns and a slightly bulbous nose , but she recognised the person Claire described. The relationship, telephone-based, lasted for months. Joanna was in the middle of a shift at the O2 Arena when I spoke to her, busily preparing food between gigs for Alicia Keys and Barbra Streisand.

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