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"That's when we really knew we were in good shape." For Duhamel, who plans to marry actress Kristy Pierce in May, the "H" word is something he regards warily. "I understand these parts that I'm playing," he says.

"And I understand how people are going to perceive me now, but long term, you want to be a good actor. What I'm saying is, I'm not going to rely on taking my shirt off.

"I'd put soap opera up against any major acting school you want to name," he says.

"My mind-set going in was that I was going to use these three years to really learn how to act.

When I read the script, I thought how fun it would be to play this guy driving a '68 SS Camaro." Dream Works was looking for a fresh face to play Tad Hamilton and gambled on Duhamel despite his relatively skimpy resume.

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