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To each of the fifty titles were added the texts of the imperial laws on the same subject, with twenty-one additional chapters nearly all borrowed from John's eighty-seven (Voellus and Justellus, op. In its earliest form this collection dates from the reign of Emperor Heraclius (610-40), at which time Latin was replaced by Greek as the official language of the imperial laws.Its two sections include the ecclesiastical canons and the imperial laws the latter in fourteen titles.Install ourclipboard utility and you willnever lose ...

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This whole collection was commentated about 1170 by Theodore Balsamon, Greek Patriarch of Antioch residing at Constantinople (Nomocanon with Balsamon's commentary in Voellus and Justellus, II, 815; P. Supplemented by this commentary the collection of Photius has become a part of the "Pidalion" ( pedalion , rudder), a sort of Corpus Juris of the Orthodox Church , printed in 1800 by Patriarch Neophytus VIII.

In the eleventh century it had been also translated into Slavonic for the Russian Church ; it is retained in the law of the Orthodox Church of Greece, and included in the "Syntagma" published by Rhallis and Potlis (Athens, 1852-9).

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