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At that time, he fell in love with radio and television, which led to his interest in acting.

Savalas also gained life experience with a three-year stint (1943–1946) in the Army during World War II, working for the State Department as host of the "Your Voice of America" series, then at ABC News, before beginning an acting career in his late thirties.

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Markov also starred opposite Pam Grier in two films, the 1972 Black Mama, White Mama and the 1974 The Arena (aka Naked Warriors).

During the making of the latter she started dating producer Mark Damon; the two later married and Markov retired.

The thug sends goons after Jack, who convinces his best friend, Pilot, to flee with him.

Pilot insists that they head for Seattle, but doesn’t tell Jack why.

Whodunits are usually ensemble-based films in which a murderer is rooted out among a group of people gathered at a specific location for a set amount of time.

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