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Oslo: Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, 1998. Law in Russia and the Other Post-soviet Republics: A Bibliographic Survey of English Language Literature 1996-2001.

Continuation of earlier work listed directly above.

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Consists of two parts: the first part profiles the organizations, the second part lists Internet resources in the various countries. Much of this appeared earlier in the Post-Soviet Media Law and Policy Newsletter, which is listed under “Journals” in this article.

Detailed guide to independent, non-governmental organizations in the countries of the former Soviet Union, including Russia. Tolkovyi iuridicheskii slovar’ : pravo I biznes: russko-angliiskii, anglo-russkii - Legal Glossary: law and business: Russian-English, English-Russian. This book contains articles, decisions, and legislative material. “Rules of International Commercial Arbitration Court of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.” Trans.

Both editors took part in the drafting of the Code. ) From Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. 33, no.4 (July-August 1997)-33, no.5 (September-October 1997). van den Berg; "Contemporary International Criminal Law: Concepts and Features," by I. Lukashuk; "Moscow's Diplomacy in International Organizations," by Alvin Z.

Also contains all the previous versions of the Civil Code starting with 1995. Maggs traces the history and development of the various parts of the Code. These three issues contain the Criminal Code as amended through the end of 2003, which came into force Feb. “Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.” Statutes and Decisions: the Law of the USSR and its Successor States. Includes following essays: "Recourse Against Judgments in Civil and Criminal Cases in the Russian Federation," by Ger P. Includes section on business outlook within specific regions of Russia.

Textbook covering all aspects of law; incorporates the case-law method, and includes translations of cases explaining points of law. Legislation is grouped under headings: Constitutional law, Civil law, Commercial law, Corporate law, Foreign Investment. 1 (1999); Federal Law On State Regulation of Foreign Trade Activity, 1, no.2 (1996): 427-455; Federal Law On Joint Stock Societies, 1, no.1 (1996): 199-284; Law on the Organization of Insurance Affairs, 3, no.1 (1998): 173-187; Federal Law On International Treaties of the Russian Federation. Shortly before the publication of this article, it included amendments through June 1, 2005.“Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation.” Edited and Translated by William Burnham. “The Arbitrazh Courts of the Russian Federation: Continuing Evolution”. “Legal Reformation: New Institutions and New Principles: Arbitrazh Courts.” /Statutes and Decisions. “Decrees of the Supreme Arbitrazh Court: On the Legal Status of Forwards’ and “On the Operations of International Treaties of the Russian Federation Relating to Constitutions of Arbitrazh Procedure”. 2 (1999): 337-356.“Legal Reformation: New Constitutions and New Principles: The Jurisprudence of the First Russian Constitutional Court.” Statutes and Decisions: The Laws of the USSR and Its Successor States. Essays by various authors on origin and development of Russian criminal organizations and their activities both in Russia and in other countries.

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