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Her résumé bears few of the fingerprints evident with more manufactured stars.

Unlike many up-and-coming talents, she has yet to bolt for the gold-plated security of Michael Ovitz’s CAA, and has stayed loyal to her young agent, Cynthia Shelton-Droke, at the relatively small talent agency UTA.

She slurps the soda through a piece of the licorice, which she has turned into a straw by chewing off both ends.

“Up until two days before I got the part, the studio was going, ‘No, no, no,’ and Jan was going, ‘Yes, yes, yes,’ ” says Bullock, who isn’t the least bit sensitive about admitting she wasn’t the executives’ first choice. And I was like ‘Oh, my God, this is really not fun.’ But I’ve got enough energy for a thousand people because I love what I do.

Talking in her trailer, she zeroes in on the subject of her career like a precision bomber. And I liked the rejection, because it made me more competitive.”Bullock has always refused to take “no” for an answer.

“That,” he adds, eyeing her sandwich, “is dangerously close to the peanut-butter-and-fried-banana thing.” Between feedings, you begin to wonder if it is possible that Sandy Bullock, with her cheerleader looks, buoyant manner, and junk-food habit, is really as frighteningly normal as she appears on-screen. Says Denis Leary, “If she has a skeleton in her closet, she probably put it there.” Still, it is hard to know what to make of a movie star whom other actors and directors repeatedly describe as “fun to work with.” When Irwin Winkler, who directed her new techno-thriller, . She hasn’t got some spot that’s going to be rubbed raw. Studio executives rave about her “accessibility,” the industry buzzword used to explain her boffo box-office returns.

Fans—including swarms of gushing teenagers—carry on about her as the girl they’d most like to be, have as a best friend, adopt, or marry.

A tabloid TV program recently nailed her in a segment about actresses who lie about their age. When I asked if she had just celebrated a birthday, she quickly added that she had one coming up, “so I will be 30, which is fine with me.”Bullock is learning to play the game: in Hollywood, even an ingenue can’t be too young.

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