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But is it possible that we have been so spoiled by choices that we have become unable to make one.That a part of us knows that once you chose something – one man, one great apartment, one amazing job – another option goes away.

In love relationships there is a fine line between pleasure and pain. He might be the one with a whip, but I was the one who tied myself up. The exquisite pain of wanting someone so unattainable. If I wasn’t perpetually 10 minutes late, would my life be totally different? Season 3, Episode 9, : Like a big orphanage filled with white beds where old boyfriends could think about what they did wrong and cry themselves to sleep in a clean, safe environment.

Did I ever really love Big, or was I addicted to the pain? Was every second of our lives controlled by fate, or was life just a series of random occurrences?

Season 2, Episode 13, : We spend our childhoods playing games. Season 3, Episode 1, : Later that day I got to think about fairy tales. Would Snow White have slept in the glass coffin forever? Lots of flaws that make me not want to stick my neck out. Maybe I should just be honest and tell him what I’m really feeling, which is what if somebody better comes along.

Maybe they need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with.

Season 3, Episode 12, In the end I’ve decided I was definitely 34 going on 35. And we’ve invented three times that many words for relationship.

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