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The lone surviving Ku Klux Klan member convicted in an Alabama church bombing that killed four black girls in 1963 is up for parole after spending 15 years in prison for murder, but civil rights activists spoke out Friday against any early release.But Hezekiah Jackson, president of the Birmingham chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said freeing Blanton now during nationwide protests over police treatment of black people would send the wrong message.

An Associated Press analysis, in cooperation with Facebook, counted as many as 200 false or misleading reports heading into the weekend. Many Republicans, however, see an opportunity to defend the state's conservative, evangelical bent in the face of unfair liberal criticism while delivering another victory for Trump and sending an anti-establishment senator into a federal government that has been reflexively unpopular among Alabama majorities for generations.

One website claimed one of the women who have accused Moore of sexual misconduct had recanted. Meanwhile, Moore's detractors took to social media to claim he had written in a 2011 textbook that women shouldn't hold elected office. In his final pitch before polls opened across the state at 7 a.m. Trump's campaign architect and former White House adviser Steve Bannon told Moore supporters Monday evening that the race is a 'national election' that will determine whether the 'Trump miracle' continues.

CST Tuesday, Jones called the choice a 'crossroads' and asked that 'decency' prevail.'We've had this history in the past, going down the road that ... Moore says he is aligned with the president and he makes similar arguments to Trump, blasting 'the elite' in the 'swamp' of Washington, D. For Jones to win, he must build an atypical coalition, maximizing turnout among African-American voters and white liberals who often don't combine for more than 40 percent of the electorate, while coaxing votes from enough white Republicans who can't pull the lever for Moore.

One of Jones' celebrity backers framed the choice as being much less complicated.'I love Alabama,' said Leeds native and former NBA basketball star Charles Barkley, 'but at some point we've got to draw a line in the sand and say, 'We're not a bunch of damn idiots.''Polls will close at 7 p.m.

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