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The banner across Buchanan Street proclaims the Scottish Industries Exhibition. Hope you don’t mind my mentioning, however, that St Enoch Church was actually demolished in 1926. Just after I left school, I worked in Glasgow and always took the train from St.

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Hi Brian, Thank you very much for your comments and the information on St. I had read in some published material that the church was demolished in 1925 but obviously the newspaper accounts will be more accurate as they were reporting the event as it happened. Alice Dear Chris, Love the website, it brings back memories.

When we emigrated to Canada in 1957, we were about to leave for the airport on a bus from St.

As an adult interested in supernatural stories, I cannot find any significant reference to the Grey Lady anywhere.

I read a short story once, many years ago, that purported to tell a story of a hotel guest witnessing the apparition but I cannot recall the name of the book it was in.

Ivie Hair & Co occupy a double frontage so they were obviously doing a good business selling soap and candles, oil and lard. ) It is now 1949 and much of the Square is now being used as a car park and for taxis. I believe there was a music shop on the opposite side of St. It was fairly large – you don’t happen to know the name of it do you? My mother bought pork link sausages, pickled brisket, etc to take to her mother and sister-in-law in Newarthill (Lanarkshire) every week.

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