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He really regressed and i'm not sure why he streams much anymore. Since both Gravity and Team Liquid will be tied for 4th. Hey Reginald, Congratulations on your success building the TSM brand to where it's at now. Please never become a writer, I would still be pissed off 8 months later if I ever saw an ending so dumb. Still looking into picking who is tsm leena dating a player in the scene?

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Andy Dinh, known by his gamer tag " Reginald " is a Vietnamese American entrepreneur and His girlfriend Leena Xu is also the General Manager of TSM.

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I originally wanted to retire after season 2 but there were no viable replacements.

I had actually contacted a few other now retired pros also.

When I tried again after season 3 the TSM brand became so big that everyone wanted to join. Dyrus once said "you wouldn't believe who we would have signed if we didn't get bjergsen". What is your opinion on the idea of player representation outside of the teams?

Would you be supportive of Santorin for example being part of a group outside of TSM which seeks to act in the interest of the player s?

GO team, all that stuff HEAVILY outweighs the decision that haven't worked who is tsm leena dating for you. Tin bikic dating me, it just seems like the obvious choice.

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